lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Part: IV

He takes deep breaths. 
Not knowing what to answer, not knowing what to think. I know I have become a little stronger in my thoughts. My doubts are stronger, it is what has been built. I can not trust in things finding their own way home. Things do not always find their way alone. And if not questioned, they would fall without a sound. They would steal the sanity that remains. They could get bottled up and make my throat their home. They won´t make my throat their home. I can´t allow that anymore. I do not trust in things finding their own way back home. They need a push, they demand to be addressed.
No one must lead you to believe you expect too much. That your expectations should be lowered or reconsidered. No one must make you feel like you need too much. And if it is true, that no one can love you exactly as you wish to be loved, they can give everything they´ve got. 
I do not trust in thoughts that don´t make their way into words. And it takes the specially scary ones a while to become a structured sentence; that is not intended to carve its teeth into yours. It´s not intended to hurt. That´s why it takes so long to become a strong discourse that doesn´t stumble, but doesn´t harm on it´s way.
I have become arrogant to anyone who doesn´t understand the need to question everything that has ever been said. You see, not only the words close to your soul affect the way you approach life. Every letter makes its way to the structure you build, and call life.

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