jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Sweet melancholy

My darling
I´ve sat next to your warm body,

I´ve slept with your arms wrapped tightly around my waist
Your lips naked upon my skin
My head resting on your chest.

I´ve whispered your name so many times
While laying in the quiet of the night
While seeing your face in the dark of that same night
The night I dread if your body is not next to mine
Same one I´ve fallen on my knees for
If your night is intertwined with mine.

And if you should know, 
Your name tastes better than what I´ll ever admit to
Each letter being better than the last
And I´ve been much better off without such pleasures it offers
Or so I try to convince myself from time to time.

My darling
You are the note that lingers in my head for days
Highs and lows
That could only foresee wonderful melodies
You are my melody.

A bright ballad with dark tones of melancholy
The kind you dance to
The kind you hold on to when your fingers can´t hold on anymore
You are that melody
The kind you can´t stop singing.

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